The equatorial mount we got was a 1200 LX-200 GOTO mount from AstroPhysics. Once we stopped sending the wrong codes to it it worked fine. Like all LX-200s (all?) there is ‘wild slewing’ if commands arrive in the wrong order. We had a timeout that was too short and a code was sent before the last one was done – messaging during slewing is a seriously bad idea for LX-200 mounts.

Once working as it should, we saw it was a rugged and accurate mount – pointed where we wanted it to point within a few arc minutes. Only problem – as with all equatorials – is the need for meridian flip. This was never automated, so we were stuck with the default which is that slewing across the meridian is not impossible, and highly catastrophic. So we put in limit switches and stopped the scope before the meridian – did the MF – and re-centred.

Alt-AZ would not have a MF but images would rotate. Can image de-rotators work well? And automatically? And without adding extra scattered light?

Is there a “don’t message while slewing”‘ issue with alt-az LX-200 GOTO mounts? I think there is.

Need to review how “indiserver” and “ascom” setups work for various types of mounts!