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The next eshine telescope

Design ideas and tests for a new generation of automatic earthshine telescope

What did we learn from the first try?

Raspberry Pi telescope control

Software Posted on Sun, October 20, 2013 10:09:51

People are working on using a small RPi computer to control a telescope:

Even using the new Pi camera board to take astro-images:

DIY telescope-control project using Arduino

Automation Posted on Sun, October 20, 2013 09:24:56

Here is someone who has used an Arduino to control a telescope. His idea is to replace stepper motors and use ‘good’ DC motors. He still uses LX200 commands from planetarium software. The software talks to the Arduino which talks to the motors.

Perhaps these ideas can be used to make a system that uses cameras to find the target (Moon) and track it – in a way simpler than this mans system: No GOTO commands – just a small PC or Arduino controlling motors until some target distance is minimized. Using an equatorial mount allows easier tracking once the target is acquired – just one motor spinning.

This guy’s mount has to do meridian flips – probably has code in the Arduino for that. If a fork EQ-mount was used (like on a Celestron or Meade) MFs could be avoided.